A Slice of Sydney Life

At this time of year in Sydney the vibe starts to turn. The short shorts come out and we start hitting the beach as spring leaps into summer.

Signaling the start of our summer days, and in it’s 19th year, is our annual outdoor arty party Sculptures by the Sea. Cast against the beaches, pacific ocean and dramatic rocky shoreline, the walk from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach to it’s little bro Tamarama is transformed into an outdoor sculpture garden for 2 weeks. It’s quintessentially Sydney.

It was one of those picture perfect days when I started exploring. Cloud porntastic, bright blue and hot.. However Sydney is unpredictably stormy at this time of year and as the sky turned an angry, pensive grey, cracking with thunder and lightening, the picture opportunities were great.. but I left looking like the raining champ of a wet t-shirt competition.

A mix of art that’s mainstream and alternative, big and small, observational and interactive sculptures always delivers surprises, and this year was no different.

I left drenched but, surrounded by art, there is something immensely refreshing about dancing in the summer rain. This is a slice of Sydney life.

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