Even though there’s nothing wrong with spending your holiday at the beach, there are always people who want something more. And you know what? They’re right! Here’s a list of seven bucket list travel destinations of all time, so check it out and find something amazing just for yourself!

Machu Picchu, Peru
machu picchu

Situated 2,430 meters above sea level, Machu Picchu is probably one of the most mysterious and breathtaking destinations in South America. Archaeologists believe that it was built by the Incas around 1450, who abandoned it a century later. Its polished dry-stone walls astonishingly rise above the ground, forming three primary structures – the Temple of the Sun, the Room of the Three Windows, and the Inti Watana. If you’re into the Inca civilization, you’ll love this place!

The Galápagos Islands
galapagos islands

This fascinating archipelago is one of the most famous wildlife-watching destinations in the world right now. It attracts thousands of tourists who can’t wait to see the place that actually provided inspiration for Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’‒ one of the most groundbreaking theories ever. Cactus forests, breathtaking lava formations, turquoise bays, and stunning tropical beaches are the most prominent features of the Galápagos Islands, and you definitely won’t make a mistake if you add this place to your bucket list!

The Grand Canyon, Arizona
the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most sensational natural wonders in North America, and it surely deserves a place on your bucket list. Carved by the Colorado River, this canyon is said to be nearly two billion years old – which is a more than fascinating fact! No matter how great expectations you may have, this place definitely won’t let you down. If you don’t trust us, go and check it out yourself!

The Republic of Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives represent a true heaven on earth, according to many. Even though this country is the smallest in Asia when it comes to land area and population, it’s in fact one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries, which makes it beyond mind-blowing. If you’re a fan of powder white sand, turquoise water, and enchanting bungalows over it – the Maldives is your dream destination!

Sydney, Australia


Being one of the most beautiful cities in the Land Down Under, Sydney is worth visiting no matter which time of the year you opt for. When in this city, make sure not to skip an Aboriginal tour which will introduce you to the cultural practices of indigenous peoples – it’s an experience worth remembering. The Queen Victoria Building offers the most amazing shopping spree options for all the shopaholics out there, and once you get tired of it, you’ll simply have to visit the best Sydney cafe where locals and tourist love to chill!

The Great Wall of China
the great wall of china

Built to prevent invasion and protect the Silk Road more than 2,300 years ago, the Great Wall of China is the most colossal architectural wonder in Asia – if not in the world. The most impressive thing about it is its length of almost 22,000 kilometers, which allows this building to be seen even from the space! When you’re in China, make sure to visit this iconic attraction and see whether the saying ‘Until you reach the Great Wall, you’re no hero’ is true or not.

The Amazon Rainforest, South America
amazon rainforest

Covering most of the Amazon basin of South America, the Amazon rainforest is probably one of the greatest in the world. It covers 5,500,000 square kilometers and comprises the most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest – 16,000 species and over 390 billion individual trees speak for themselves. It indeed has unparalleled biodiversity – one in ten known species in the world lives exactly in the Amazonian rainforest! So, if you’re into exploring natural wonders and exotic landscapes, this place should definitely be on your bucket list.

Each one of these seven locations is truly magnificent, which is exactly why millions of people from all over the globe want to visit them at least once in a lifetime. No matter which one you choose, you definitely won’t make a mistake. Just stick to your preferences and personal interests, and you’ll make a wise decision!

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