Name: Anvik Grey

Location: Spain

Social Media: Instagram

Store: Society6

War Paint by Anvik Grey
War Paint

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I work as a freelance illustrator, digital artist. I love drawing, creating images, designing patterns … To me, illustrating, is like opening a door to another place, where images are the main means of expression and our thoughts, ideas and feelings come to life through paper or different media. It is what occupies most of my time and it’s really what I like to do. I am also a nature and animal lover, specially cats, I enjoy storms and hot coffee.

How did you become interested in art?

Art always has been near me, my father is a self-taught artist and since I was a little girl, I have always seen him working with inks, pens, watercolor painting or wood carving. His father also had artistic inclinations and we kept at home several ink drawings of my grandfather and some watercolors. Since my very early age I liked to scribble on papers and even walls, hahah! I decided around my 15-17 years, that I wanted to dedicate my life with art and started art studies.

Sad by Anvik Grey

Did you study art in school or were you self-taught?

I studied art in high school and then I went to university for art studies, (sculpting, drawing and painting and also many others art subjects.. design, illustration) I’ve been specializing in drawing.
I also believe in artistic capacities and I have met people with great innate abilities, but I think it is good to expand them with studies and above all practice a lot, dedicate time. You can always learn something else.

How did you come up with your style of art? Did you always have this style since the beginning or was it something you’ve developed over the years?

In my case, I think it’s a mix between these two options. Realistic drawing, portraits, nature have always had a very important place in my work, but also it’s something that I have been developing along the years. I think there are some traits in every artist, your hallmark, your likings, your activities and passions, it makes you the way you are and as time goes by and with practice, these traits are reflected, perfected, and developed in your work.

Gloom of a Faunt

I see that you create traditional and digital art. Do you prefer working with pencil or creating your work digitally?

I love working with pencil, it always keeps that magic, it’s closer and personal. I think the pencil is the main tool for an illustrator and it’s always the first thing I use to develop my previous sketches, this way i can make clear ideas, even if later I decide to work with digital or not.
But I have to admit that today it is amazing working digital because it’s like having many media in one; paper, colors, tools…you can get a really clean and fast work.

What program do you use to create your digital art?

I always use Photoshop. I think it gives me freedom to draw and develop my illustrations in a very similar way as if I were working on paper, I feel its a very complete and powerful program.

Storyteller by Anvik Grey

Can you describe one of your favorite artworks you have made? What inspired you to create it?

One of my favorite artworks was a series of eight surreal illustrations that I made in graphite. I was still a student then. The illustrations represented different landscapes within a desolate, uninhabited world in which only vestiges of human civilization remained, abandoned buildings, cities covered by water, old boats lying in deserted areas. The main characters in the illustrations were robots-machines, humanized that interacted with the nature that still was alive. This was a criticism to the society and the importance of the material things, and the fleeting of life. That project was lost and it never was returned to me.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I always find inspiration in nature, I like a lot to add elements and ornaments from wild nature in my work, animals, floral motives. Also, reading give me a lot of ideas, searching for images about tribal cultures, fabrics, visiting places, finding colors to build my first ideas. Also music helps me to connect to what I want to communicate in my drawing.

The Pond by Anvik Grey
The Pond

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

I still don’t know, art has a lot of directions and aspects and it is constantly changing and growing. I am happy with little things, and I am still focused on learning and improving my work day by day. Lately I am enjoying a lot about selling my art as merchandise, working on special orders for designs. Feeling that what I make can be something useful to others and feeling that it makes them happy, is really rewarding to me.

Dreaming Ava by Anvik Grey
Dreaming Ava

If you weren’t creating art what would you be doing?

Surely creating art anyway, this is inside me. 😊 But if art was not a possibility I would like to work in something in relation to other things i have always loved like animals, space and stars, fossils, hiking into nature, reading, writing, traveling, something in these areas would be great.

Favorite food?


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