Summer is here and I know we all just want to look good while we’re out in the sun. So listen up, because it’s time to get muscular fast. I’ve got a “quick tip” for that will make you appear more muscular immediately, and get you one step closer to that strong looking V-shaped body.

All you need to do is make sure to adjust your routine and try to focus a day on this one specific body part to make your whole body look more muscular. What body part is it?


Men seek that powerful V-shape that women can’t help but desire, so you want it, right? Well, when you workout your shoulders the right way, you will begin to build muscle on them that makes you wider. And if you didn’t already know – Strong, muscular shoulders will automatically make your waist appear smaller, so you will have that V-shape in no time if you know what muscles to hit and how to exercise them the right way.

Not to mention that broad shoulders can drastically improve your posture, which will make you stand up straight, more confident and in a manner that demands attention from other guys.

And in addition to looking strong as hell, having a strong pair of shoulders will also help you avoid injuries so you can keep training hard in the gym and putting on pure ripped muscle.

**As your shoulders get stronger, you will be able to push more weight on CHEST DAY and continue to build the strong body you really want.

OK, so this all sounds great but HOW do you make sure that you’re targeting your shoulders correctly?

That’s easy, you simply need to focus on a combination of movements that will target all 3 parts of your shoulders in the gym only one day a week. Hitting your front, back and side delts all in the same routine will help you get that dominant V-shaped body and muscular appearance you need.

Are you ready for this? Check out these movements to get a full shoulder muscle building workout in:

1) Side Laterals: → will work the side delts:
– Sit on the edge of the seat with your feet and knees together.
– Start slightly bent over with your dumbbells together under your thighs.
– Raise your arms up to your sides, not going higher than parallel to the floor and rotate your dumbbells so that the outside of your fists point towards the ceiling.
– Then bring your dumbbells back down to touch under your thighs and repeat.
– You can slightly bend your elbows here if you need to.

2) Hammer Front Raises: → will work the front delts:
– Start with your legs in the same position as above, you still need room for a full range of motion, but sit up with your back straight and chest out.
**It’s very important not to swing your arms on this one… Think “Robot.”
– Start with your arms down by your sides.
– Bring the dumbbells straight up in front of you until your arms are parallel to the floor (think almost “touchdown” signal) then back down.
– Pause at the top for a brief second to ensure that you don’t start swinging through this.

3) Bent Over Laterals: → will work the back:
– This move is very similar to the side laterals, except with this one you are fully bent over.
– So again, start in the same seated position but bend at the waist to your chest is at your knees.
– When you bend over you want to let your arms hang down, shoulders forward, really loosening those traps and stretch out as far as you can to each side.

** You do this to ensure that you are working those rear delts and not letting your back do all the work.

For a full shoulder workout that incorporates these movements and some other cool muscle building moves, check out this video

And so now you know my trick to always being ready to take my shirt off! If you’d like more tips and tricks that will get you the muscular body of your dreams. Here you go: Get Muscular Now. 

Train Hard,

Mike Chang

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