Linkin Park “Heavy” Single Review

Linkin Park Heavy Single Review

The Breakdown

Linkin Park falls flat on "Heavy," the first single from their upcoming album "One More Light."


Linkin Park featuring Kiiara HeavyArtist:
Linkin Park featuring Kiiara


Release Date:
February 16, 2017

I’ve always been a firm believer that artists should be able to experiment, to expand their creative minds and tread new territories they’ve never been to. Boxing in artists won’t help them evolve, learn, and improve. The stagnation of artists will also negatively impact the industry, innovation will come to a halt and so on. Nevertheless, not everything they will produce from that experiment will be golden, some will be downright unpleasant…to put it nicely. Still, people have to give artists freedom to be able to explore new realms, but at the same time, people shouldn’t be able to give them a pass and excuse whatever mediocrity they put out in the name of experimentation. Now onto the topic of this review, I’ve been a fan of Linkin Park’s works since the beginning, bar the last 2 albums which while they have their moments, as an entire body of works lack the creativity that their previous albums had. They have a history of releasing music that breaks the boundary of the norm and were once at the forefront of the rock music community sometime in the early 2000s. From leaders that catapulted an entire genre to a new level, it seems that a reverse has happened this time around. With their recent release, “Heavy,” featuring budding pop singer, Kiiara, they have gone from leaders to followers.

The song doesn’t really have any interesting quality. It has a nice melody that pop radio will certainly eat up, but it’s very dull and predictable…the whole song really. The song enters from one ear and exits the other in an instance. No memorable quality, nothing to grab the listener’s attention for a long while. There’s also nothing new about this that they haven’t done before apart from featuring a female singer for the first time. This could easily fit their album, “Living Things,” an album that also suffers from the same monotony and laziness as this song but to a lesser degree. Heavy’s only redeemable quality would be the featured guest, Kiiara, whose crisp vocals may have outshone Chester in their own song. Considering the song only clocks below 3 minutes, they could’ve have done more with the song. It’s not the worst song out there, but it is also on the verge of being below average.

When artists tell their fans, especially the ones who may not exactly be keen on the idea of them changing formula, that they are shaking things up, it’s always a great idea to release the best or the interesting one first. This will at least open up their minds and give them their confidence to the project. It would be easy to forgive songs like “Heavy” if they had done just that. Of course, it’s subjective. What they think is best may not be someone’s cup of tea, yet it does cause for alarm if this is the best that they’ve come up with. However, I’m not going to judge an album I’ve never heard of based on one song. I’ll keep an open mind.


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