The Breakdown

Evanescence's Amy Lee creates a stunning cover of Francesca Michielin's powerful pop ballad "L'amore Esiste."

Artist: Amy Lee

Single: Love Exists

Release Date: February 10, 2017

While the Grammy winning rock band, Evanescence, has been in the lull for the better half of the decade now apart from a few shows here and there, frontwoman, Amy Lee, has been busy with solo music since 2014. Her first release was a joint effort with cellist, Dave Eggar, for the film War Story followed by a series of covers from Portishead to U2, to even creating a children’s album with the help of her family. Even with the inevitable comeback of Evanescence this year, that hasn’t stop Amy from releasing solo music. Just earlier this year, fans were presented an early Valentines gift with the release of her dramatic English rendition of “L’amore Esiste” by Italian pop songstress Francesca Michielin. Though a cover, “Love Exists,” is just right at home among Amy’s other heart-tugging ballads. The cover, which was produced by Guy Sigsworth, showcases Amy’s exquisite vocals as her voice oscillates between moments of tenderness and vulnerability to something more unyielding as she declares to the world with clarity that love has no bounds, love being omnipresent – it’s everywhere, in everything, and in everyone. While Amy’s bewitching vocals did steal the spotlight, the instrumentals were nevertheless just as beautiful and captivating. It seems that Amy and Guy just peppered in the right ingredients to create a much more bountiful experience for the listeners. The meandering of sweeping, soothing, and soaring strings, the subtleness of the harp glittering every now and then, and the synths that give this ballad a touch of modern all played their role wonderfully to enhance the song’s atmosphere even further. To put it simply, “Love Exists” is a classic.


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