The Breakdown

Overall Score

Director Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood) reunites with three time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis in this story about a successful, tempestuous fashion designer in 1950s London, whose habit of loving and leaving his inspirational muses is disrupted when he meets Alma, a statuesque waitress whom is as clever as she is beautiful.

The flowery film is a slow burn, oozing with meticulous close ups, glamorous gowns and an incessant score, frequently crossing over into pretentious tedium. And while Day-Lewis, in what he says is his final film, delivers another intriguing character profile, it is newcomer Vicky Krieps who stands out as the muse who cleverly plays to the designer’s mommy issues to touch his soul and keep him under her control. That ending, however, is a major eye roller. B+


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