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6 of the Best Ab Exercises

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One Trick That Always Makes You Look More Muscular

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An Interview with Jack Mackenroth

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Wanting to get that illusive six-pack?  Here you will find a few exercises that will target those muscles that will make your abs pop. Even when these suggestions get tough, remember the key to ab training: quality over quantity. No matter how fast you can accomplish 1,000 crunches, you aren’t getting the most out of your …

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Summer is here and I know we all just want to look good while we’re out in the sun. So listen up, because it’s time to get muscular fast. I’ve got a “quick tip” for that will make you appear more muscular immediately, and get you one step closer to that strong looking V-shaped body. …

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Jack Mackenroth has comprehensive knowledge of the HIV/AIDS space in the United States, including key issues, relevant media, top advocacy organizations, and influential activists and thought leaders. Through various programs Mackenroth has a proven ability to effectively navigate the HIV/AIDS media landscape in the US. He has appeared as the keynote speaker and special guest …

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There’s more to fitness than just hitting the gym each day and packing on muscle. Think about it, what’s the point of building up your body if you can‘t move around freely to properly enjoy it? Let’s say you go to the lake with your friends and there’s a rope swing that everyone is enjoying, …

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Shaggy hair, Flip-Flops, and words like “Dude” or “Brah”, all come to mind at one point or another when the term surfing is brought up. Keep in mind that surfing has been around as early as 1779. It was referred to by the Hawaiians as he’enalu. Since then, surfing has evolved from long 50lbs hand …

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Sitting lotus-style in a candlelit room, OM-ing to chant music, not a thought in one’s mind. Blissfully relaxed. Supremely calm. Undisturbed by emotions, the fly buzzing around, your foot falling asleep… This is the image that often comes to mind when people think of meditation. And last I checked, 99% of the people I know …

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