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Artist: Amy Lee Single: Love Exists Release Date: February 10, 2017 While the Grammy winning rock band, Evanescence, has been in the lull for the better half of the decade now apart from a few shows here and there, frontwoman, Amy Lee, has been busy with solo music since 2014. Her first release was a …

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Even though there’s nothing wrong with spending your holiday at the beach, there are always people who want something more. And you know what? They’re right! Here’s a list of seven bucket list travel destinations of all time, so check it out and find something amazing just for yourself! Machu Picchu, Peru Situated 2,430 meters …

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“This is going to be an opportunity to talk about: how companies can better balance employee happiness and productivity? how do we create value for our companies, customers, and families and wake up the next day excited for work? and how to we include both men and women in this conversation?” An expert panel consisting …

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“Unused creativity is not benign, it metastasizes.” – Brené Brown   There are many tips and tricks that help unlock your creativity. This article, however, is meant to help you be courageous and authentic while still remaining creative. Hopefully these suggestions will help you think outside the box, generate ideas, develop a concept that represents …

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Listen To Yourself Your gut will always guide you. Find ways to renew yourself. Drop your body’s limitation’s at the shoes upon your feet. Some of our contributors suggest mediating or doing yoga. As you go about your day to day life, focus on positive thoughts and listen to your intuition to discover what you …

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